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What to Expect from a Professional Tarot Card Reader
May 25, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Tarot cards arranged by professional tarot card reader.

Although having your first tarot card reading is exciting, it’s understandably nerve-racking. When it’s your first time examining your past and looking into your future or working with psychic energy, the experience is even more intimidating.

But if you’re having a session with a professional tarot card reader, you’ll find that there’s nothing to fear. In more than 15 years of experience practicing spiritual healing at Readings By Crystal, I’ve guided people through many of their first mystical experiences, including tarot readings.

So, to help calm you down, here are four things to expect from your first reading.

You’ll still get an accurate reading without knowing the cards

You might have come across the myth that it’s only possible to get accurate readings when you can read the cards. It helps to know the cards and it can even make the experience more fun for you. But there are 78 of them, so some people won’t be interested in memorizing all those cards.

An advantage of working with a professional reader that counts here is that you get full guidance. Even if you don’t know the cards very well, your reader explains their meaning and significance to you. They also reveal to you which areas of your life they’re giving a message about.

You might not get immediately obvious answers

It’s normal to expect super-specific answers from the beginning. But you have to remember that tarot readings are often about working your way through to an answer. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a few guesses before landing on the right conclusion.

Again, this is nothing for you to worry about. You’ll see your reader’s intuition come into play as they steadily refine the answers you receive and make them clearer.

On the other hand, be sure to remain calm even if the readings start to feel highly specific. Depending on the area of your life and how you deal with it, you may receive precise and detailed predictions.

Staying calm is important for ensuring that you keep giving off the right energy, enabling the cards to reveal answers about your life in greater depth.

Crystal performing a tarot reading in Sacramento

Be prepared to do a deep dive into your life

As your professional tarot card reader will probably tell you, emotional blockages prevent you from receiving the full message your tarot cards are saying. Your readings get more accurate as you exercise greater openness, acceptance, and introspection. You’ll find this easier to do if you get yourself in a reflective mood beforehand.

And you may find it helpful to remember that tarot cards can be a tool for helping people talk about and come to terms with events in their life.

Different spreads can help you piece the message together

Don’t be surprised when you see your reader arrange the cards differently. They might be doing a three-card pull, which causes each card to represent your past, present, or future. Alternatively, each card may stand for your mind, body, or spirit.

Or the reader may be arranging the cards into a Celtic Cross, giving each of them a specific position and meaning.

Switching between different pieces simply means they’re gathering clues, which all eventually come together as your complete prediction.

See a professional tarot card reader for a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your life

A tarot card reading can give you more perspective on those areas of your life that you can’t seem to figure out. I am a third-generation psychic who has practiced mystical techniques for over 15 years. I’d be delighted to help you achieve clarity in your life and find answers to the questions that trouble you.

While I’m based in Sacramento, I guide seekers across the world.

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