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Tips for finding your soulmate through spiritual connection
November 25, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Two soulmates making a spiritual connection on an old truck

Despite the depth or lack thereof of your spiritual practice, almost everyone can attest to connecting with someone on an extraordinarily high level at some stage in life. Whether you feel closer to one of your siblings than anyone else in your family, or you feel a rush of energy every time you are in the same room as your best friend, there are many signs that indicate whether or not you may be in the presence of one of your soulmates.

Experiencing life with your soulmates is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our time on earth. However, it is important to pay close attention as you come across new people and practice identifying these special connections. The better that we can harness our natural ability to detect the spiritual connection of soulmates in our lives, the more effortlessly we flow in the direction of those relationships.

Once you have cultivated these types of relationships, there is no telling how they will help you grow, evolve, find your purpose, and challenge you. Below I have listed a few tips that will help you find your soulmates through spiritual connection.

Explore the feeling of having met before

You may have experienced meeting someone and immediately feeling a much deeper connection than two people typically would during a first interaction. This sensation comes in many different forms. You may feel a natural resistance to someone, as though you need to protect yourself against them. Alternatively, you may sense a closeness that makes you feel comfortable enough to share personal details about yourself.

These sensations may be a sign that you knew this person in one or more of your past lives. Perhaps you are reconnecting with a romantic partner who endlessly supported you, or someone who you wronged in a past life, and requires healing to put that relationship to rest. Whatever the case, I encourage you to follow those inexplicable feelings of knowing so that you can discover that person’s role in your journey.

Recognize the value of short-term connections

Those who allow practicality to guide them in most areas of life run the risk of missing out on meaningful, short-term relationships. There are moments where we require a spiritual guide, companion, lover, or teacher to carry us through life transitions, hold a mirror to us when we are off track with our purpose, or revive us by simply forming a deep connection.

For example, you may be an American travelling across Europe and connect with someone from Australia who you will probably never see again. Exploring your connection to this person even for a short period could be a significant part of your journey that sets you up for success and cherished memories later in life. If this happens to you, try not to mistake time for significance. A single week with a soulmate could be more transformative than a lifetime with someone whom you do not feel deeply connected to.

Speak to a psychic

Having access to a spiritual worker is an excellent way to uncover the soul connections in your life, and those that are on the horizon. During tarot card readings, clients often reflect on the role of someone close to them in their life, or become aware of a new connection that they will have the opportunity to pursue in the near future. With these insights in mind, you may become more receptive to potential soulmates and spiritual connections that come into view.

Discover the power of nurturing the spiritual relationships in your life by speaking to a professional psychic. Contact me to schedule a session.